My name is Angela… and I am a strong and beautiful woman who happens to have Epilepsy

F51D6213-A08F-4FF6-8F07-40ED5A978C3AIf you are reading this, you probably either know me and are following my journey or you are researching and connecting with others who may share your story or the story of a loved one.  Either way, I’m glad to have you here.  I have been contemplating a blog for quite some time as a place to go to log my daily struggles with Epilepsy.  I spend a lot of time researching Epilepsy and reading forums and the stories of others who may be like me.  I often find that many people have questions that go unanswered or they just want to connect with people who truly understand what this life is like.  I have been living with Epilepsy for 32 years and I have a lot of stories to tell.  If I can help even one person through this blog then I will feel highly accomplished.  Plus – I am sure that my life connections who follow me on my normal social media channels are pretty sick and tired of all of my posts about medicines that don’t work, brain fog, cuts and bruises, and all the other struggles of an Epileptic.

So who am I?  My name is Angela and I live outside of Atlanta… Cumming, Georgia to be exact.  I am a wife, a mom, a dog lover, a student, a sister, a friend, a jokester, a crossword puzzle fanatic, and an ”Epileptic”.  Notice I didn’t mention that I’m a hard working career woman.  That’s because I have been on a medical leave of absence for 9 months after a really rough seizure made me step back and realize that if I didn’t step back and take care of me then I would sooner rather than later not live to be any of those things.  My entire life I have desperately tried to never let my E define who I was.  I wanted to pretend that it was just some random thing I dealt with from time to time like a sinus infection or a stomach ache.  I didn’t like to believe that it was a part of who I am.  At 39 years old (oh God… that’s so dangerously close to 40) I have finally accepted my fate and decided that while it is something that I will live with the rest of my life, I have to fully embrace it in order to take control of it.  I have Epilepsy, but it doesn’t have me.

I was diagnosed when I was 7 years old.  This was when I had my first Absence seizure, though I always knew it as a Petit Mal.  I had my first Generalized Tonic Clonic, or Grand Mal seizure, 2 years later.  We knew very little about epilepsy back then.  There were very few medications available and hardly any research done or published to truly understand what it was.  All I really knew was that I was different than other kids and I really hated it.  More on that in future posts.  I had seizures through my teenage years and through my very early twenties.  Ironically they stopped when I was 23 and I thought that I was finally done with all the BS.  After all, my neurologist did tell me that I would probably “grow out of it” like it was a pair of shoes or something.  Then my 30s hit and back came the seizures.  Only a little bit at first and I refused to see a doctor or take meds or even accept that my shoes did in fact still fit.  As the years have passed I have been having more seizures than ever before and it has become part of my daily life.  That’s where I am now.  I will definitely share more of my story, so if you are interested please follow along.  I look forward to sharing my past, present, and future with you all.  And please – feel free to share yours too!

“I’m not an epileptic but you’re an arsehole.  I’m important.  I matter. I can do anything.  I’m a sexy, strong woman that happens to have epilepsy.  Do you get it?  I have epilepy but it’s not who I am.”  – Ray Robinson, Electricity

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Small Blessings

It seems that I went from posting once a day to being lucky if I fit one in a week. Let’s be real though… there’s only so much you can talk about before daily gets dull.

Today I actually want to share a bit of excitement. For those who don’t know, I’ve been on a medical leave of absence from work for one year and one month now. It has been really difficult for me to NOT go to work. I’ve work official jobs since I was 15 and it was completely out of necessity, but also out of sheer enjoyment. I worked long and hard hours and always had total dedication to the companies I worked for and the people I worked with. Not working was never an option. There were many times that I had health issues where I really had no business going to work, but I just never saw that as an option for so many reasons. My health got to a place that it was so bad, and situations with in my job were making it worse. I had to finally make the choice to take care of me.

At first I was having so many changes in my medications and so many struggles that I really didn’t think much about not being at work. Then I started finding myself really depressed. So much that I started taking medication to help with my depression. I had no desire to talk to anyone or see anyone, especially from work. Every time I thought I was going to be able to go back to work, there were more hindrances with my health and I just couldn’t. There is so more to say about my leave, but that’s not really the good news that I’m sharing today.

Also a different topic that takes a whole posting, but my husband hasn’t really worked in several years. This has caused some issues in our marriage and partly in our finances since to took my leave. I was still receiving 70% of my salary and we were living more frugally, but it was still rough in many ways. Recently, we have gotten a little brave and decided to try a few things.

On my end, after I had my surgery I began looking for alternate bands to wear with my VNS wrist magnet. No luck. I decided to make them and also see if there was a market out there to sell them. It took a bit of time and energy to build different prototypes that worked. I finally found a style that was a winner. I opened an Etsy shop, began selling on Amazon, and built a website. Trust me, I’m not making much money on these bands. My business is $142 in the hole right now because if “startup” costs. I make roughly $13 profit from every band I sell. I sell on average about 3 per week. But I get beyond excited every single time I get a notification that I sold a band! I get this sense of accomplishment that I haven’t felt in quite sometime. I have several ideas of how to better promote my small business when I am no longer in the negative. I really don’t think it will ever be something that I’ll make much money from at all. But it’s nice to have something that makes me feel good.

Click here to see some of my bands on Amazon.

Check out my Etsy shop here!

My business name is “Epilepsy Life” and Caty made a business logo for me. We are in the process of getting trademarks for both. She helps me make all the bands and it’s definitely something fun for us to do together!

In other news, Damion has been selling some of our cars to make money as well as to afford to buy Caty a car when she turned 16. We had a few that we had purchased that he has been working on fixing up that we always knew we would sell. He is REALLY passionate about working on cars and loves a good project. I convinced him to get his car dealer license so that he could go to auto auctions and buy cars for cheap and turn around and sell them for a profit. After much consideration and convincing from me, we finally decided to do it. There are a LOT of stipulations in GA when it comes to getting your license. I’ve been able to work through these things to overcome obstacles and we are working towards getting the business license. To get it you have to have a place to do business out of that has your visible business name outside of the building and a dedicated landline for the business. I found an office space for really cheap and also found a doctor’s office that is closing the office so I got office furniture for next to nothing $$.

“DC Motorsports”… a work in progress

It won’t be until mid or end September probably before we can finish all the things and get the license. It’s really exciting though and I am even more excited that he is really pumped up about something. He has been going through a serious bout of depression for several years. I love seeing him so energized about something.

A few cars we’ve turned recently

As with any business, it will be awhile before this business is lucrative. And hopefully it is. Either way, it’s exciting to see some good things happening despite the tough times among us. The nice thing about both of these small businesses is the flexibility. When bad days hit, it’s easy to just take a break and roll with it. I’m incredibly hopeful that things will work out. 💕

Epilepsy Mom

My kind, beautiful, and intelligent daughter just turned 16 last week. I’m not sure when I got old enough to be the mom of a 16 year old and I definitely don’t know how I got to be so lucky to wind up with that one. Caty and I are very close. I was a single mom until she was in middle school and we built such a strong bond together. Caty has always been very strong and independent but so kind to others. I feel blessed to call her my child.

She started a new high school last week. We bought a house in a different county last October but did not make her change schools during the school year. She doesn’t really deal well with change so I’ve been so thrilled with how she has taken to her new school. She had her first assignment for her AP Lit/Lang class which was to write an essay about something that happened in your life that changed you or made you realize something about yourself. She came home and thought about the paper for a few days and decided she wanted to write her paper about me.

Caty has been aware of my Epilepsy for years and she has experienced the aftermath of several seizures, but until last week she had never actually SEEN one of the tonic clonic seizures. She wrote her paper about that experience. Reading her paper made me feel proud of her, but also so sad that she has to feel some of the things she does because of me.

She felt that she had betrayed me by not being able to do more to help me. She felt that she has been selfish over time by not fully understanding the depth of what I endure. She felt scared because when it happened I stopped breathing and I turned purple. She had never realized that what we dealt with on the daily was something that could easily kill me. I don’t want her to have to feel scared or selfish or not good enough. I hate this stupid disorder for so many reasons, but when I see it impacting my beloved child I really despise it at a different level.

I anticipate sleeping the day away. I woke up at 6 this morning and went back to sleep at 8 after Caty left for school. I woke back up around 11:30 feeling horrible. My limbs have been jerking for the last 2 days and my headache hasn’t gone away. Today I feel drugged. I feel this way quite often a few days before a big seizure so I think I’m just going to let my body get as much rest as it wants.

I Do Solemnly Swear… That I Will Drink More Water

A follow up from my doctor’s visit on Friday… we increased the intensity of my VNS from 1.75 to 2.0 which also increased my magnet intensity to 2.5 and my heart rate sensor to 1.875. We also increased the frequency from every 5 minutes to every 3. Just like every time that we increase, it takes my body time to adjust. My throat gets sore, it’s difficult to eat and drink, it hurts to swallow, and my voice gets all funny every time it goes off. Those symptoms get better after about a week or so. I know the drill. We talked about this headache that just won’t stop. She prescribed a steroid pack to see if it helps. She said that they have found that many patients with extreme postictal struggles get over them faster with the use of those. I’m willing to try anything right now. I see her again in two weeks. If it hasn’t helped then we will schedule some testing to ensure these last seizures didn’t cause brain damage. She also recommended that if I have a major seizure before then that I should go to the ER. That generally isn’t needed unless the seizures last more than 5 minutes or due to severe bodily harm because there’s not really anything they can do there. But considering the situation, she said I should go so that they can take more immediate action. I really hope the steroids work. So far they’ve just given me heartburn and tummy aches.

This last week it has occurred to me that I am not drinking nearly enough water. And by not nearly enough, I mostly mean almost none. I’ve made the commitment to a minimum of 64 oz per day, though I know I really need more. It’s a good place to start. When I am used to drinking water all the time, I really do feel so much better. It flush my body out and I lose a lot of those extra pounds I pack on when drinking extra calories. When I try drinking water again it becomes a nuisance because I seem to want flavor out of the things I drink. I have a infused pitcher to keep in my fridge with sliced fruit. I ordered another this morning along with a water bottle and recipe book. I’m thinking it may help me get on board with drinking water again.

Fruit Infused Water Book

Individual Water Bottles

Fruit Infused Water Pitcher

I’m excited for them to arrive!

It’s awesome being a mom!

This week has been really busy as we “do life” and I’ve been trying hard to do that thing I’m not so good at and lean on others around me for support. It’s hard to remember (or want to) that I can’t do it all anymore. I am lucky that I have those in my life that I can lean on. This week has been a busy one but I’ve been trying hard to keep it as stress free as possible.

Recovering from these last seizures has been quite the challenge. I suffered some serious battle wounds on my body and I spent most of my week in severe pain. My body is still healing from the scars and bruises, but my biggest struggle right now is my memory loss. I am struggling hardcore with my short term memory and it is really frustrating. I have also had a migraine style headache since last Wednesday that just won’t go away. I go to my neurologist tomorrow so I will see if an MRI is necessary to ensure I didn’t do any severe damage this time around.

This week has also been centered around Caty’s 16th birthday. I have no idea when she got so grown up, but this day was pretty special. I wasn’t sure what we were going to end up doing about a car for her. A few weeks ago we had a talk with her about not getting a car right now because there were definitely things around that she could drive since I’m not driving. This caused a lot of tears on her part that she was trying to hold back and watching that was so hard. Damion and I had some chats and we started searching. Caty ended up with not ONE car, but TWO. We found her a car the weekend before her bday that was an adorable BMW 323i convertible. It was a manual but we didn’t think teaching her would be a problem. We brought it home and she was oh so grateful… but we could tell she didn’t love it. Last weekend we came across a Jeep Liberty that was super cute and Caty size. She has been wanting a Jeep for the last year. We ended up sorting some things around and ended up with that one for her. It was definitely a more exciting option for her. She adores the Jeep and it definitely made her bday spectacular. She looks really cute in it too.

Her birthday was Sunday. Kind of last minute I began thinking that she really should have some sort of party. On Saturday I began throwing something together for her. She deserved to be celebrated.

Today was her first day of her Junior year of High School at her brand new school. Of course she was incredibly nervous. I think that other than a small round of crying in the bathroom during lunch, she enjoyed her day. She was full of energy when she got home and talked about her day for hours. By next week she should be totally fine.

Tomorrow I will go have a visit at the neurologist office. I am going to consult about this influx of seizures I am having and will also increase my signals on my VNS from every 5 to every 3 minutes. I think I’ll keep the level the same. It always takes my body a bit to get used to it every time we adjust so I don’t really want my body to go in shock.

This last week I also wrapped up my summer classes. I had to delay exams because of all of the seizures and injuries. I ended up the semester with disappointing grades which I know was a result of me not being able to remember anything before and during my exams. I ended up with an A in legal studies and managing organizations, an A- in business analysis 😩and a B in Finance 😩😩😩. I am glad to have several weeks of rest before I begin taking some classes in the Fall. I’ll use this time to continue to rest and heal.

Be well all. You deserve it!

I seem to be on a once a week posting schedule now. Mostly because it’s been one of those times that I’ve needed a break from life. Admittedly, this is mostly because of my seizure abundance. I had one last week while going up a flight of stairs. Luckily I had not gone up very many and the stairs were rubber so mostly I just hurt my knees and my pride. Nonetheless, I still had not healed from my major seizure a few days before. Just when I thought I was getting better, I had 2 really horrific seizures in one day last Wednesday. This was the first time Caty has ever been right there with me during a seizure and I’m certain it traumatized her. I didn’t want her to ever have to experience that. To top it off, I got out of bed a bit after it was over and I passed out and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and I suppose I was going poop though I don’t recall anything about it. I only know that Damion had to bust the door open and I was essentially seizing everywhere and tore up a cabinet and my wall. The glorious moment was when my husband had to get me off of the floor where I was apparently sliding around in my own pee and poo. He had to wipe me, clean me up, get me in clean clothes, and clean my urine and feces from the bathroom floor. That’s exactly what I wanted my husband to think about when thinking of me. Needless to say, I’m no longer allowed to go potty with the door locked.

Often when this happens I go into a pretty deep stage of depression. That’s not part of my life that I really share very much about. I get depressed because I can’t just live a normal life. It upsets me that no matter what we try, there just doesn’t seem to be an answer. I just want my life and my body to be like they “should”, whatever that is. Maybe because I take so many pills to combat depression and anxiety, I have just been feeling numb to emotional hurt. This time it has presented itself in the way of anxiety. That’s not unusual, but I hate that I can’t just go a day where I don’t live in fear.

I should be embarrassed to admit this, but lately I feel little shame. In the last two weeks I have showered TWICE. I think about getting in the shower and I am terrified. I refuse to shower when I am home alone, which isn’t a new fear. But lately I am scared to get in the shower at all. I am beyond disgusting right now but I just can’t convince myself that it will be ok. I am scared to go to sleep at night because I am terrified I will have seizures all night in my sleep, but lack of sleep induces seizures as well so when I do fall asleep I am scared to get up. Being out in public terrifies me. I was taking MARTA places when I needed to but I am horrified to think it may happen in public in a place that I will get seriously injured or where people can’t or won’t help. Caty has been chauffeuring me anywhere I need to go and staying by my side. She starts back to school soon so I’ll have to figure out other solutions. I’m scared to deal with my dad right now because of the stress involved. My short term disability just ended and I have panic attacks thinking about what’s next because of the amount of seizures I was having at work or because of work. I haven’t cooked a meal in I don’t know when because I’m terrified I’ll cut myself or burn myself. It’s gotten bad. I know some of my fears aren’t unreasonable. But I also know that I can’t let this control my life more than it already does. I have to find a middle ground. I do take meds for my anxiety and panic attacks as well… it just hasn’t been effective enough lately to help control this. Or perhaps it has and it would just be so much worse without it?

On another note, I am clearly losing my mind. Like, literally. This used to happen quite a bit because of my medication and it’s still a little bad sometimes. Usually it’s just trying to find my words that I struggle with. I believe that my seizure these last weeks has caused some loss of brain function. It’s not abnormal for that to happen. It usually gets better. An example, one morning last week around 6 am apparently there was a horrible storm. Damion said that there was so much electricity in the sky that it looked like strobe lights. He closed things off as best he could because he said the lights were starting to be a trigger for me. He said we lost power and that I was awake and talking to him for quite awhile. He said I got up a few hours later and let the dogs out. I went back to bed and woke up around 1 pm. I didn’t feel right at all and I don’t remember any of those things happening this morning. It has been happening more and more frequently. I’m sure that with all this head smashing I have probably experienced a concussion or two and it’s common for frequent seizures to begin to demolish brain cells. I really hate to think of all the ways this is destroying my body and my well being.

Caty has been working on designing my logo for my small biz. There’s an updated version that I’m going to get trademarked. I thought I’d share the draft though. I’ve been selling about 4-5 bands per week without even trying between Etsy and Amazon. That really amounts to nothing but I get crazy excited when I get a notification that we’ve sold one! Hopefully soon I’ll start feeling a little better and I can focus a bit more energy on building Epilepsy Life up! Can’t wait to share some more updates soon ☺️

Ive been a bit MIA this week. I had a really rough tonic clonic seizure last Monday. I’m no stranger to these, unfortunately. It’s just that some do more damage than others. Often I have them when I am asleep. I usually bite my tongue with these but otherwise I just wake up with a horrible headache, weakness, and severe brain fog that takes awhile to recover from. The last time I had one I ended up in the bathroom floor with no recollection of how I got there. I had a few bruises but it definitely could have been worse.

Through the night on Sunday night I was having a really difficult time sleeping. I was having frequent myoclonic seizures and I knew that Monday was going to be a rough day. I woke up once early in the morning (by early I mean 8) and I didn’t feel right at all so I went back to sleep for a few hours. I got out of bed a few hours later and sat around for a bit. I remember getting in the shower. I recall having a convo with Damion while I was in there. I remember fully washing my hair and it was falling out in giant clumps. From there I lost a moment of my life that I will never get back.

I really don’t remember much of anything until HOURS later. I apparently sent a few texts and had some conversations with Damion after it happened. I got dressed while soaking wet so I don’t know if I unconsciously did that or if he did. Several hours later I woke up from passing out and realized from the way I felt that I had a seizure.

This one was pretty rough. I must have fallen through my shower door and face planted. I definitely chewed my tongue up. I may or may not have broken my nose and dislocated something in my right arm. And the front side of my body is incredibly bruised. I’ve not really felt well all week and I’m still sore all over.

It’s hard to explain the intense sense of helplessness that comes along with having these seizures… and the anxiety and fear that I deal with daily while terrified that it’s going to happen. It’s like being trapped in a room with a ticking time bomb. You know it’s going to explode… but when? As much as you want to you just can’t control it or stop it. Which sucks because in every aspect of your life you demand complete control of everything. But not this. And then if you make it out alive? It’s such a terrifying feeling anytime you hear a tick or anytime you get even close to the scene of where it happened. It’s like that only with the seizures there’s also fragments of your life where you are beyond vulnerable because there are blocks of time that you just can’t remember.

Days that I don’t have the convulsive seizures I have constant myoclonic and absence seizures. While I don’t end up as battered and bruised, those seizures take such a toll on my brain and drains so much out of me. They happen constantly at night so I don’t sleep well at all. It’s such a vicious cycle that I can’t seem to escape.

Wishing wellness on everyone out there!

Things doctors don’t tell you

*FAIR WARNING: There may be some parts of this posting that are not for the weak stomached individual. There will certainly be parts that a real lady should never speak of. *

Yesterday was a day full of doc appointments for me… some way less fun than others. Afterwards I got to thinking about things Drs tell you (and the things they don’t). I was wondering if patients really knew the hardcore truth about every pill they were to put in their mouth or every procedure they were to have done, would they still go through with it? When a doctor tells you “You’ll only feel a little pinch”, have they ever actually experienced it and do they truly know what you’re about to feel? Don’t get me wrong… many doctors are amazing people and I am not writing today to say that the medical profession is full of liars. I am writing to shed some light on situations I’ve encountered.

“You’ll feel a slight pinch/pressure”

Last Sunday when I spent the night with my dad in the ER, they needed to get a urine sample as part of their series of tests. He had not peed in at least 6 hours that I was aware of so this should have been simple. He couldn’t stand because he was so dizzy so they offered us a bedside urinal and left the room. My dad was so out of it that there was no way he was going to be able to make this happen. He began to attempt to get his shorts down and the logistics taken care of, but I realized quickly that this was going to be a struggle. I did the unthinkable. I went to his side and pulled his pants down and put my hands in places places I would never desire to see, and certainly not touch, to place his personal equipment into the jug. Oh boy. He laid like this for half an hour with no results. He eventually fell asleep as I held his man-business in the urinal. The nurse came in the room a bit later and my dad explained that it wasn’t that his mind was keeping him from going, he just didn’t need to. This lead to the dreaded catheter. Now, I am not a man. I don’t have a penis. I’ve also never had a catheter. But when someone tells you “You’ll feel a slight pinch” before shoving something in your pee hole, you gotta know they are under exaggerating that situation. I sat there and watched him insert that catheter and I saw the wrenching pain that my dad was clearly experiencing. That was no pinch. He was peeing blood for 2 days after. I’ve personally never bled from a pinch before. But what if he came in and said “I’m about to shove a tube in your penis and it’s going to hurt tremendously and you’ll likely piss blood for 2 days.” Would it have made a difference in whether he could squeeze out a drop of pee? I don’t know.

Yesterday I went to the lady doctor. I was thinking back through the years to the first time I ever went to a gynecologist as I will soon have to prepare my sweet and innocent teenage daughter for this experience. It also reminded me of the many things that they generally just don’t tell you as a woman. I try to keep it real whenever I talk to someone going through these experiences for the first time.

  1. The Dreaded Pap
  • What they say: “This will be a little cold… and now you might feel a little pinch.”
  • What they mean: “I’m about to shove a cold metal contraption in your lady parts. Then I’m going to crank it so that it uncomfortably spreads you open before I stick a giant Q-Tip up in there which just might feel like a fingernail scraping your cervix.”
  • The Positive Side: As you get older and ESPECIALLY after experiencing child birth, this is one of the least dreaded of procedures. In fact, while foreign objects are inside of you it is quite likely that you’ll have full conversations about what you cooked for dinner the night before.

2. Childbirth

  • I’m actually not even going to touch on this one. I actually OPTED to have natural childbirth, and YES it was as painful as it looks and sounds.
  • The Positive Side: Clearly the payoff of having a child is worth the pain you endure. I know people who have 7 kids. Plus, you can remind your kids for the rest of your lives that their giant heads came out of one small hole and your body will NEVER be the same which is basically all their fault.

3. Post Childbirth

  • What the say: “You will probably bleed for a few days or so and you may experience slight discomfort.”
  • What they mean: “You will have blood and all sorts of things gushing out of your body at a level that you can barely keep up with. You might as well wear a mattress between your legs. It’s also probably best that you take a laxative or 12 because if you had any anesthesia it will make you constipated. In addition, the first several times you have to do #2 it will feel like knives are ripping apart your bum. Blessed be if you had to get stitches down there… it will burn so bad that your eyes will water more than slicing fresh red onions.”
  • The Positive Side: They have these REALLY giant pads and these cool meshy underpants at the hospital that you put on post baby. Beg the nurse to hook you up with those. They will help tremendously. Otherwise.. there’s nothing positive about all of that other than there will be a day when it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. The difference in this kind of pain is that you never actually know when it will finally stop.

3. The Dreaded Mammogram

  • What the say: “Place your breast here. It will be a little cold. Now you’ll feel a bit of pressure.”
  • What the mean: “Awkwardly manage to get your boob on this platform thing that will definitely be cold. Prepare to have your breasts smashed flatter than pancakes and we will likely have to do this multiple times because we can’t get good images the first time. And yes.. it hurts!”
  • The Positive Side: When you place your breast on the pancake griddle, it weighs it. Mine for instance weigh almost 25 pounds each. This made me feel SO much better about my weight to learn that 50 pounds of it came from my chest. It also DEFINITELY explained why my back always hurts. And there’s always the fact that if you do this regularly as you should then it can detect breast cancer.

4. Birth Control: The IUD

  • What they say: “You may want to take a few pain relievers before you come in the office, and having someone drive you home may be beneficial. It’s a quick and easy in office procedure.”
  • What the mean: “You has better take those pain meds because this is going to hurt like crazy. It’s best if you come in when you are ON your period so that you can be violated when you’re most vulnerable. We will put that same speculum in that we use when we do a Pap… but that will be the most comfortable thing you will experience. There will be something that some may call a pinch when the IUD is put in place. Really just expect that daggers are poking in your uterus. Take all the cramps you’ve experienced your whole life and place them in one in office experience. Definitely lay on the table for awhile after because you’re likely to pass out. We will hand you a large pad after because all kinds of stuff will come out of your body for weeks. And no, a tampon isn’t an option. You should probably do this when you have a few days to just chill after because you’ll likely be doubled over in pain.”
  • The Positive Side: years worth of safe contraception that is the most effective next to abstinence. And if you’re lucky, like me 😊, you’ll rarely or perhaps never experience a period. You’ll eventually forget it’s even there…. until it’s time to remove or replace it. The Positive Side of that… you already know how it actually feels unless it’s been so long that you forgot.

Clearly from my passion of the pain I just had my IUD switched out. Today I shall lay with a heating bad on my tummy and watch funny movies. 💕